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Thomas M. Morlan

Attorney at Law

4900 California Ave Tower B Suite 210

Bakersfield, CA 93309

Telephone: (661) 377-1926

Cell phone: (702) 569-4193

             Law Offices of Thomas M. Morlan is a California law practice dedicated to providing assertive, cost effective legal representation in all State and Federal Courts in the State of California.

             Attorney Morlan has been practicing law in the State of California for the past forty (40) years (State Bar No.: 62189).

             Why do I continue to practice after 40 years of service?

             I have a continuing desire to help people resolve their legal problems in a fast, cost-efficient and realistic manner.

             How does the use of the internet assist me in solving a client’s legal problem?

             The internet allows me to have a virtual office. I no longer have to pay for an expensive office or a costly legal staff, or pay for an expensive law library. Presently, everything required for me to practice law is available on the internet. While I certainly have the ability to meet you in person in the privacy of an office, due to the availability of Skype; telephone conferencing; use of e-mail and mobile phone text, the need to meet with you personally, more than at the initial consultation, becomes negligible.

             What is the primary trait, that I as an attorney possess , that should make my handling of your legal problem in a fast, cost efficient and reasonable manner?

             It is simple, I have been practicing law for 40 years. That tenure results in a more diverse experience than most practicing attorneys. It is always a work in progress to become a knowledgeable, and efficient lawyer as California Law is constantly changing .

             From January 1979 through January 2006, I handled all types of legal matters for clients in many fields of law, with the exception of tax issues, Workers’ Compensation and Bankruptcy.

             I have represented clients in various civil and criminal matters in the various levels of the California Court Systems (Municipal, Superior, Appellate and Supreme), as well as U.S. District Federal Courts throughout the State of California. Due to the many hours I have spent on legal matters for clients, I am very knowledgeable of the California Code of Civil Procedure; California Rules of Court; and the Local Court Rules used in the 58 separate Counties of the State of California.

             Because of the various rules of procedure, it is extremely difficult for a client to represent himself/herself in a court of law. I am sure you have heard the phrase, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

             As a time seasoned attorney, I will always try and communicate with you in a timely fashion so you are reasonably informed of the important matters happening in your case.

             Therefore, if you have a legal problem that you wish to try and resolve in a fast; fair; and cost effective manner, you can communicate with me as follows:


             Telephone:        (702) 569-4193

             E-mail:    or


Very Sincerely Yours,


Thomas M. Morlan, Esq.  

“This testimonial or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.”

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